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Learning to breathe the right way

Every breath you take effects your health and fitness for better or worse, learn to make it for the better.

At Breathe 4 Health you will be taught various science-backed techniques to train your respiratory system and gain control over your nervous system so that you can improve your overall health and fitness. Many people with health conditions like anxiety, asthma, panic disorder, sleep issues and many more can have their symptoms drastically reduced. Also people looking to improve their performance in their given sport can expect to learn to breathe more efficiently resulting in a large increase in performance. 



How you breathe will directly effect your performance in your given sport.

The majority of athletes over breathe and tire much sooner than they are capable of. Learning to breathe correctly using specific breathing exercises will improve your  oxygen efficiency, boost circulation, strengthen breathing muscles, delay the onset of muscle fatigue and also result in added focus allowing you to remain calm and make the right decisions in the heat of competition.



There is a massive range of health conditions in the world today due to the stresses of modern day life and many of them can be affected by the way we breathe. It is estimated that 50 - 80% of adults have some level of dysfunctional breathing. Even from childhood our breathing can become dysfunctional and it is imperative that we correct this as soon as possible to prevent future health conditions and reduce symptoms of current issues. You can take control of you and your families health by learning simple techniques to train your breathing to function the way it was always meant to.


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Sometimes we are so focused on the body that we forget that the mind is just as  important if not more so. If we are to achieve the best overall health we must bring  the body and mind into balance. Our brain is the control centre and so if it is out of balance due to stress it can directly cause disease (dis ease). Bringing our attention to the breath is like a mini meditation and it can calm the mind allowing us to down regulate the stress and anxiety that is pushing us out of balance and give our mind and body the energy they need to stay healthy.

Children Playing

  How a child breathes can affect so much in their future lives. Mouth breathing from  childhood can cause dysfunctional breathing patterns that can lead to possible  asthma, anxiety, ADHD, sleep issues, lack of focus and many more conditions. It can also result in the underdevelopment of the jaw which ultimately leads to crooked teeth, cavities and possible speech issues. By teaching our children to breathe correctly as early as possible we can help them to avoid so many possible future health problems and increase their capacity for learning. 


My name is Ross and it is my passion to help people learn how to improve their overall health, fitness and wellbeing, whether that be to help with a health issue, to improve performance in their sport or how to deal with the stresses and anxiety of life. I strive to make your time with me as comfortable as possible and tailor the whole experience to your specific needs.


Working with Ross has had so many positive benefits to different areas of my life. Using the breathing techniques that he teaches has allowed me to calm myself in situations that I would normally find challenging.

For me it was a revelation as I found it really helped me with the grief of losing my husband. I am now able to use my breathing to help me in so many ways
this has improved my health and my life.
Who knew that learning to breathe properly could make such a difference.

Ross provides a friendly and professional service in something he is passionate about- teaching people to breathe correctly and improve their quality of life.

I experienced some of the many benefits days after my first session. Improved performance and recovery in jiujitsu and strength training. Improved mental clarity, improved mindfulness and my sleep has improved significantly.

What I have learnt from Ross has improved my health and performance more than I thought possible, I can now push myself  to new levels of endurance while still staying calm and focused

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