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My name is Ross Richardson and I am a certified Buteyko Clinic

and Oxygen Advantage advanced breathing instructor.

I am originally from Wales and have been living in Mandurah, Western Australia for the last 11 years with my fiancé and 3 children.

I was a tradesman very unhappy in my work with a very overactive, unfocused mind and an inactive body, lacking in enthusiasm to try anything new. Due to this, over the years I gradually became over weight, unfit and struggled with anxiety.

When my son was born I soon realised I needed to change and take charge of my life. To begin with I decided i needed a physical hobby that I enjoyed and would help me to get fit. I discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and to begin with, like many starting something new I struggled, not just with the fitness but also with anxiety, confidence and lack of focus.

That is when my research led me to the breath.


Since then I have spent years studying all I can about breathing and achieved multiple certifications in breath coaching.


Through what I have learnt I have managed to use the breath to take control of my mind, curb my anxiety, improve my focus, boost my overall health and increase my performance.


I have also helped my son with his own anxiety which developed through school, helped my daughter with her asthma and sleep issues, got my mother through her grief and stress and helped my fiancé through sleep deprivation.

After experiencing first hand how much breathing helped myself and my whole family in so many ways it became very clear to me that I could do the same for others and so it became my passion to take all that I have learnt and use it to help as many people as I can.

I am an easy going, compassionate person and I aim to make your experience with me very comfortable with a personal feel and everything tailored to your individual needs.

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